Workshops are opportunities to delve deeper into personal explorations of dynamic movement meditation. Greater commitments, and greater rewards!

Forthcoming workshops: Unity.


A workshop with Alex Svoboda in Cambridge, United Kingdom


  • a freedomDANCE workshop with Alex Svoboda
  • Romsey Mill Centre, Cambridge
  • 23 April, 11 am to 6 pm
  • 24 April, 11 am to 7 pm

freedomDANCE sessions are not dance classes as such.

Yes, we move to the music. Yes, we sweat. Yes, we dance with commitment and abandon…

And yet, what we do is much more elusive, subtle and mystical than perfecting dance routines.

We are establishing connections. We are creating lines of communication. We discover and explore relationships.

This workshop will focus on precisely that aspect of our dance – different levels of relationships. They meet, intersect and enrich each other on the dance floor, and we will acknowledge and celebrate our practice as the nexus of different kinds of connection.

Our journey will culminate in Anna Halprin’s Planetary Dance, a collective ritual of peace and healing. Before we get there, we will follow the freedomDANCE’s Unity map to explore six levels of relationship:

First, we will use physical movement to listen, understand and accept ourselves. We will seek connection with that human being that we are, just as we came into this world. We will listen to that voice that is often obscured by all the white noise that society and our own busy minds produce.

Second, we will learn to notice and relate to our physical environment. Do I want this to change? Or, do I adjust to whatever is facing me? There’s so much to learn from this expansive exploration; an aspect rarely engaged with in conscious movement classes.

Third, when we know that we are in touch with ourselves and the space we are in, we are ready to connect with a partner. What it would be like if we dance with another human without expectations, without obligations, without performing and without masks? Just two individuals. Just an honest dance with each other.

Fourth, there comes a time to discover the power and the limits of the group. What do we feel in this relationship? What do we get from it? How do we contribute? How do we adjust?

Fifth, our group may turn into a community, a dense constellation of connections that includes the entire dancing tribe. That happens without words, without theories, without plans. Our whole body is sending and receiving signals. And at any moment we know exactly and clearly our unique place and role is in this unstoppable collective flow of dance.

Finally, sixth, is our dance that embraces our sense of unity with the world, the Universe, with something beyond what is immediately visible to us.

The Planetary Dance will begin at 4:30 pm on 24 April. It is expected to last for up to 2.5 hours.

About the Planetary Dance

Since Anna Halprin designed the Planetary Dance over 30 years ago, it has been held in almost 50 countries around the world. Anna has been extremely supportive and happy about Alex’s taking the Planetary Dance to Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and United Arab Emirates. We have also fun one Planetary Dance in Cambridge already, and the participants wanted it to become a regular event!

Our doors will open to everyone who would like to join this beautiful and deep process where the most personal becomes universal.

If we were to believe Anna Halprin, who died last May at the age of 100, ‘peace is the most important thing that we have’:

  • Peace between countries and nations
  • Peace with oneself
  • Peace of the whole humankind with their Planet, with the Earth…

When Anna was 51, she almost died of cancer. She promised then that if she is given the gift of life she would fill her life and work with meaning. Anna was still committed to that promise, and taught almost until the day she died. She didn’t not take on projects that were just ‘interesting’. Instead, she created art that served the purpose of healing – personal and collective – through movement.

The Planetary dance is a dance of healing and renewal of community that she wanted to leave behind as her main legacy.

This dance unites people of all ages and physical abilities in a process that has a clear intention.

It gives each participant a voice, an opportunity to raise a particular issue that is very personal for them and at the same time has a meaning for the whole humanity. The collective power of dance is used as a catalyst for solving those problems.

The Planetary Dance is accessible for everyone who can run, walk or even just stand or sit. It is suitable for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

The members of the Unity workshop will form a nucleus of the Planetary Dance. This will help everyone else to participate, even those who have never danced or done any movement practices.

Join us! Become part of this dance of peace and healing.

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Further afield

Alex Svoboda has regular freedomDANCE workshops in Russia, and also sometimes in Turkey and Greece.

Cathy Ryan has regular Open Floor, 5 Rhythms, and Northern Drum workshops across Europe, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, and further.

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