Workshops are opportunities to delve deeper into personal explorations of dynamic movement meditation. Greater commitments, and greater rewards!

Forthcoming workshops: Fluid Heart, Nexus, Ecstatic Awakening Dance, Lands of Plenty.

Fluid Heart

5Rhythms® Heartbeat with Jason Rowe

Cambridge, 25–26 May 2019

Feelings move us in a myriad of ways. Sometimes we block their power or question their relevance, and at other times we simply become numb.

Our feelings are often associated with life’s stories. In the 5Rhythms Heartbeat map we move with the energy underneath these stories, giving plenty of space to the core emotions of Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Compassion.

In doing so we drop into our organic and natural way of being and empower ourselves to move with courage, forgiveness, surrender, generosity and be in service to the world around us. Totally alive within a Fluid Heart.

This is a heartbeat-level workshop, practising the ability to embody, express, and release our emotional world through movement. You need to have a good grounding in the physical level of 5Rhythms practice – a minimum of 15 hours is recommended. Please ask if you’re unsure.

St Philip’s Primary School, Vinery Way; Sat 11am–6pm, Sun 11am–5pm.

Full price £150; early-bird £120 by 12 April 2019, 5RTA members £120.

To book your place or for further info email Nicky Smith on or call +44 (0)7778 852052.

Jason Rowe's photo.


An on-going closed group with Alex Svoboda of FreedomDANCE


For information and registration, please contact by emailing


freedomDANCE sessions are not dance classes as such.

Yes, we move to the music. Yes, we sweat. Yes, we dance with commitment and abandon…

And yet, what we do is much more elusive, subtle and mystical than perfecting dance routines. We are establishing connections. And our dance floor is the nexus of these connections.

This on-going group will be dedicated to honouring the connection between what we practice physically on the dance floor and what we begin to practice in our lives. We will be celebrating the dance’s ability to change our life for the better!

We will dance fully in a company of the same people and we will invite the best things that the dance offers so generously into our everyday life.


• 7 Apr 2019 Community freedomDANCE

• 21 May
• 18 Jun
• 16 Jul
• 6 Aug
• 3 Sep
• 1 Oct

You need to intend to come to all sessions and commit to at least five evening sessions.

St Paul’s CE Primary School
Coronation Street
Cambridge CB2 1HJ

Venue for Community Dance to be confirmed.


Doors open and music playing at 18:45. Sessions finish at 21:45.

The Community Dance on 7 April will begin at 16:00 and is expected to last for up to two hours, followed by shared food.

£100 for all sessions.
Community Dance is a free event. Any donations will be received with gratitude.


29 May–16 October · St Paul’s CE Primary School Cambridge

Ecstatic Awakening Dance at Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre

Hosted by Body Moves – Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Hawthorn Way, Cambridge, CB4 1AX, Sat 15 June 2019 6:30–8:30pm

Ecstatic Awakening Dance is an active meditation. An opportunity to move, let go, embrace and step into your own uniqueness.

Using the Ecstatic Awakening Dance method we will move through four stages: Warm Up, Shake, Ecstatic Dance, Relaxation & Grounding.

Each stage invites us to move from the thinking mind and explore the expression & freedom of the body.

We use music, movement & breath to support transformation and open to our full potential.

No experience is necessary, no dance steps to learn. Wear loose & comforatable clothing. Bring a bottle of water & bare feet…. (soft dance shoes are also welcome!)

Book here:


Lands of Plenty

With Alex Svoboda and Pavel Timashkov

Cambridge, 3 August 2019 (11 am – 6 pm)

A conscious movement and dance meditation workshop with shamanic practices.

Have we only wished these lands to be true or are they really there just a breath away from us? How to consciously enter these lands and explore their terrains?

What are we searching for in the Lands of Plenty?

How to grow, flourish and strengthen oneself through each step in the Lands of Plenty?

These are the questions we will inquire into through the dance, movement and contemplation.

We will focus on three keys to the Lands of Plenty. All three keys must be used, yet only one sequence opens the doorway.

On the next day, 4 August, there will be opportunities, exclusive to the workshop’s participants, to go deeper with their individual explorations of their path to abundance in any aspect of life:

  • One-to-one shamanic sessions with Pavel
  • Here I Am freedomDANCE sessions with Alex

Workshop: £75 (£55 if paid fully until 7 June).

Shamanic one-to-one session and Here I Am: £20

St Paul’s CE Primary School
Coronation Street
Cambridge CB2 1HJ

Contact Nicole Soek ( to book.

Further afield

Alex Svoboda has regular freedomDANCE workshops in Russia, and also sometimes in Turkey and Greece.

Cathy Ryan has regular Open Floor, 5 Rhythms, and Northern Drum workshops across Europe, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, and further.

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