Workshops are opportunities to delve deeper into personal explorations of dynamic movement meditation. Greater commitments, and greater rewards!

Forthcoming workshops: Self Unveiling – Uncharted Waters, The Power of Intention, Nexus, Essence Moves.

Self Unveiling – Uncharted Waters

With Ruth Hirst

Cambridge, 16th–17th November 2019
11 am – 6 pm Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm Sunday

An invitation to explore the many layers of being human. The 5Rhythms® movement practice will help us navigate our uncharted waters.

Self Front 1

Our lives are created through our stories, our habits and rituals. Sometimes these serve us, but some of these are past their sell by date and it is time to leave them behind. Are you ready to let these layers dissolve, so the masks and stories start to dissolve and slowly, slowly begin to reveal the true essence of who you are?

We find ourselves wearing masks, hiding behind stories, in different environments and situations – these masks disguise the real Me. What if we could drop those masks and start to see the beauty, the perfection, the messiness, the awkwardness, the not-knowing-ness and everything and anything that makes us the human-being that we are.

We will drop into the movement of our body which holds the many emotions and memories. Sometimes we can cut ourselves off from those stories, and we get stuck. When we give voice to ours stories and move with them they become the messengers of our body, our heart and soul.

A time to see and be seen, to move and be moved in relationship with ourselves, with another, in community and with spirit. A time to love ourselves for who we are..
Come if this call you..

To be human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others” – David Whyte

Workshop Early Bird £120 if paid before October 20th 2019, £150 thereafter. 5RTA members £120. Times are: 11am to 6pm Saturday and 11am to 5pm Sunday.

To book your place or for further information email: Nicky Smith on or call: +44 (0) 7778 852052

The Power of Intention

ZeroOne movement in practice led by Adam Barley

Cambridge, 11-12 January, 2020
1 pm – 7 pm Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm Sunday
Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington Ave, Cambridge CB3 1AA


What’s going well?
++++what’s hurting?
++++++++where’s the growth?
++++++++++++what do you…fear?……desire?…..intend?

Movement is incredibly effective for plugging us into the real thing, unearthing
what we didn’t know we had and releasing what we no longer need. But it’s
not enough to just dance—we have to speak the truth too, and see our
reflection in each other’s eyes if we are to know our blindspots.

This is ZeroOne in practice: to embody presence, listen deeply and speak the
truth. Get free of your head-trips and align your will with intention to make
some things happen.

This will be a highly focussed workshop designed to bring your dreams to
earth and empower your choices for ahead as they impact yourself, your
people, and our world.

Let’s take the time to listen in to the depth of our dreaming, get clear about
what we choose, and give our longings to the wild moment of power: NOW.

  • ‘I truly feel that your workshop helped catalyze this mojo in a way that
    pierced through to the physical.’ — Kaitlynn
  • “The best welcoming in of the new year EVER!!!!” — Shayu

Early bird £145 if paid by Dec 14th
Regular price is £170

Contact: Nicole Soek


An on-going closed group with Alex Svoboda of FreedomDANCE


For information and registration, please contact by emailing or book at


freedomDANCE sessions are not dance classes as such.

Yes, we move to the music. Yes, we sweat. Yes, we dance with commitment and abandon…

And yet, what we do is much more elusive, subtle and mystical than perfecting dance routines. We are establishing connections. And our dance floor is the nexus of these connections.

This on-going group will be dedicated to honouring the connection between what we practice physically on the dance floor and what we begin to practice in our lives. We will be celebrating the dance’s ability to change our life for the better!

We will dance fully in a company of the same people and we will invite the best things that the dance offers so generously into our everyday life.


• 24 March
• 21 April
• 19 May
• 16 June
• 14 July
• 4 August

You need to intend to come to all sessions and commit to at least five evening sessions.

St Paul’s CE Primary School
Coronation Street
Cambridge CB2 1HJ


Doors open and music playing at 18:45. Sessions finish at 21:45.


£100 for all sessions.

Essence Moves

Open Floor Movement Practice
with Angela Griffiths

Cambridge 28–29 March 2020
Sat 11–6, Sun 11–5pm
St Pauls Primary School, Coronation Street

Moving in my essence is to move with Apricity – the touch of the warm sun on my face on a cold Winter’s morning. It is to move with Chatoyance – with the sparkle of light in a cat’s eye.

Flyer-Front Essence Moves210x99mm-Front-300dpi-int6

Using the conscious movement resources of Open Floor, it is possible to discover our unique essence, whether it is familiar or unknown. Noticing when we feel connected or distant to the juice of our core being, we can begin to align with how our essential quality moves in us and makes us who we are. Exploring the vulnerability that sometimes gets in the way of connecting with our unique selves is at the heart of this workshop. We create the space to befriend and explore how to move with this kernel of our being, as we journey through the physical patterns and movement shat come through our body again and again. When we are living in our essence we are more able to weather the cold as well as the warmth of life.

£150/£120 concessions with an early bird of £130 by 29th Feb.

Contact Di on or call 07989 353602.

Further afield

Alex Svoboda has regular freedomDANCE workshops in Russia, and also sometimes in Turkey and Greece.

Cathy Ryan has regular Open Floor, 5 Rhythms, and Northern Drum workshops across Europe, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, and further.

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