Workshops are opportunities to delve deeper into personal explorations of dynamic movement meditation. Greater commitments, and greater rewards!

Forthcoming workshops: Nexus, Pause.


An on-going closed group with Alex Svoboda of FreedomDANCE


freedomDANCE sessions are not dance classes as such.

Yes, we move to the music. Yes, we sweat. Yes, we dance with commitment and abandon…

And yet, what we do is much more elusive, subtle and mystical than perfecting dance routines. We are establishing connections. And our dance floor is the nexus of these connections.

This on-going group will be dedicated to honouring the connection between what we practice physically on the dance floor and what we begin to practice in our lives. We will be celebrating the dance’s ability to change our life for the better!

We will dance fully in a company of the same people and we will invite the best things that the dance offers so generously into our everyday life.


  • 1 September
  • 22 September
  • 20 October
  • 17 November
  • 8 December
  • 29 December

We have a theme: Working with the Elements and bringing together freedomDANCE and ancient knowledge from yoga and Ayurveda to enhance our wellbeing. (Level 2, ‘Synthesis’ Category)

And we have a wonderful core Cambridge group that now anyone can join.

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Cost is £80.


With Cathy Ryan

Cambridge, 2nd–4th October 2020
Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington Ave, Cambridge CB3 1AA

“A teacher of mine recently said that one of the most radical actions he can think of at the moment for a better world is to lie down every day for half an hour and rest – in the middle of the day.

I love this.

That’s what we’re going to explore.”

Between Movement

Through Movement

Between Words

Through Words…

A Pause point
A Pivot point
A Presence point

Cathy has been working and teaching in embodied movement practice for over 20 years. She is a founding member of Open Floor International and works extensively in Europe and further afield, loving this ongoing exploration of how and what it is to be
alive in these moving, humans bodies of ours… For more details about her work and background see and

Please Note: Covid19 precautions are in place for this workshop and there is an online alternative should the situation require.

Contact: Nicole Soek for further information.

Further afield

Alex Svoboda has regular freedomDANCE workshops in Russia, and also sometimes in Turkey and Greece.

Cathy Ryan has regular Open Floor, 5 Rhythms, and Northern Drum workshops across Europe, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, and further.

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