Workshops are opportunities to delve deeper into personal explorations of dynamic movement meditation. Greater commitments, and greater rewards!

Forthcoming workshops: Nexus, Anna Halprin’s Planetary Dance, A Calling, Ecstatic Dance Under The Sky, Into The Dark.


An on-going closed group with Alex Svoboda of FreedomDANCE


For information and registration, please contact by emailing


freedomDANCE sessions are not dance classes as such.

Yes, we move to the music. Yes, we sweat. Yes, we dance with commitment and abandon…

And yet, what we do is much more elusive, subtle and mystical than perfecting dance routines. We are establishing connections. And our dance floor is the nexus of these connections.

This on-going group will be dedicated to honouring the connection between what we practice physically on the dance floor and what we begin to practice in our lives. We will be celebrating the dance’s ability to change our life for the better!

We will dance fully in a company of the same people and we will invite the best things that the dance offers so generously into our everyday life.


• 20 Nov 2018
• 18 Dec
• 15 Jan 2019
• 5 Mar
• 2 Apr
• 7 Apr (Community Dance)
• 30 Apr

You need to intend to come to all sessions and commit to at least five evening sessions.

St Paul’s CE Primary School
Coronation Street
Cambridge CB2 1HJ

Venue for Community Dance to be confirmed.


Doors open and music playing at 18:45. Sessions finish at 21:45.

The Community Dance on 7 April will begin at 16:00 and is expected to last for up to two hours, followed by shared food.

£100 for all sessions.
Community Dance is a free event. Any donations will be received with gratitude.


29 May–16 October · St Paul’s CE Primary School Cambridge

Anna Halprin’s Planetary Dance

Cambridge, 23 September 2018, 15:00 –17:30

Join us for this dance of peace and healing!

A free event — everyone is welcome

Contact Di ( to register.

A Calling: Dance Meditation and Shamanic Journeying Workshop

With Pavel Timashkov and Alex Svoboda

Cambridge, 28 – 29 July 2018

“A shamanic technique may be anything that disrupts and confuses the normal stream of thoughts, the habitual experience of emotions and ordinary physiological processes, and then produces a new rhythmic pattern… Dancing is one way of restructuring our consciousness and thereby entering another world.” (Holger Kalweit 1988, Dreamtime & Inner Space: The World of the Shaman)

In our workshop we bring together freedomDANCE, a method of dance meditation and conscious movement, and shamanic practice. Through our dance we will arrive into presence and enter non-ordinary reality, or the world of the shaman. We will climb the World Tree to reach the Upper World and we will decent to the roots to enter the Lower World. We will dance in the Middle World.

A calling.

From the place of presence one sends a call and the veil between ordinary and non-ordinary disappears. The invisible comes in sight.

A calling…

The journey begins, and we find our way to the Lower World – the place of vitality and beauty and a home for Animal Spirit Helpers.

As we swirl in the dance, winds come to join and one becomes the dance itself. The one might hear the whisper.

A calling…

The journey begins and we find our way the Upper World – the place of guidance and wisdom and a home for Spirit Guides and Teachers.

A calling…

Does it come from within?
Does it come from without?
Void starts to whisper its magic…

St Paul’s Primary School, Coronation Street; 10am–6pm Sat & Sun.

Price: £125.

Contact: Di ( or Nicole (

Ecstatic Dance Under The Sky

Hosted by Body Moves – Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Cambridgeshire, 2 February 2019 3:30–9:00pm

We will gather in a beautiful ancient woodland 10 miles west of Cambridge. The evening will start with a raw Cacao Ceremony. You will then be given headphones for the Ecstatic Awakening Dance session. We will warm up and shake together before moving out into the woods guided by our bodies, breath, music & nature. After the session there will be a lovely hot sauna, hot tubs, cold tubs (for those brave enough!) and a camp fire. The evening is an opportunity to connect deeply with your nature, adventure into the landscape & replenish and relax with kindred spirits.

Further details:

Price: £20 (£1 from each ticket will be given to Winter Comfort)


Into The Dark

5Rhythms® Heartbeat with Adam Barley

Cambridge, 27–28 October 2018

The Celts understood that all things begin in the dark, and when the nights grow long at Samhain (what we call Halloween), this was their new year. In sync with the land and sky, we’ll take these days to step into our inner darkness: an act of great courage, with no telling what we may find or what may become of us. We choose to trust the flow of life to take us exactly where we need to go, whether that be blissful refuge from all the ‘doing’ of the light world, or confrontation with aspects of ourselves that have been long buried because we couldn’t handle experiencing them at some point in the past.

In we go, on the dance floor, through the 5Rhythms: alive with curiosity, willing to feel, sense, and be present with what arises. In this way we can pick up pieces of our denied power and emerge with them, ready to plant new seeds and step into new ways for the year ahead.

This is a heartbeat-level workshop, practising the ability to embody, express, and release our emotional world through movement. You need to have a good grounding in the physical level of 5Rhythms practice – a minimum of 15 hours is recommended. Please ask if you’re unsure.

St Philip’s Primary School, Vinery Way; Sat 1–8pm, Sun 11am–5pm.

Full price £150; early-bird £135 by 15th Sept.

Contact: Nicole Soek at or phone 07488 332093.

Further afield

Alex Svoboda has regular freedomDANCE workshops in Russia, and also sometimes in Turkey and Greece.

Cathy Ryan has regular Open Floor, 5 Rhythms, and Northern Drum workshops across Europe, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, and further.

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