Respecting the current coronavirus pandemic, Cambsdance is suspending normal dance sessions until further notice.

However, Cambsdance teachers may be offering online dance sessions, presented over Zoom. Jason is running the first class on 20 March (payment by donation).

More details are available on the Cambsdance Facebook group.

6Cambsdance is a community of people who love to dance.

We organise regular dynamic dance meditation classes including 5 Rhythms, Open Floor and Freedom Dance and are interested in other conscious movement and presence practices happening in Cambridge.

Conscious dance is a free form of dance that anyone can do, whatever their age, shape, gender, mobility or fitness level. No prior knowledge is needed, there are no steps to learn and nothing to get right. It allows you to connect your body to the music, and, if you like, to connect with others in non-verbal communication of common movement.

7.jpgWe are a friendly group of people who love to welcome new dancers into our community.

Currently we dance on Friday evenings in St Philip’s Church on Mill Road, and we have an All Ages community who dance on Saturday mornings in St Paul’s School on Coronation Street.

Conscious Movement releases & energises the mind, body and uplifts the spirit.

Let go of your mind, let the music move through your body to awaken your heart, find richness and openness in your life.



Respect all dancers, including yourself! Be aware and respectful of when someone wants to dance by themselves. Don’t be afraid to be clear in your body language if you prefer to dance without touch or by yourself. When dancing with another person, be sensitive and respectful about if and how you invite physical contact, and if you are dancing in a group, be mindful of others in the room. Keep your communication non-verbal, in order not to distract others.

Cambsdance is an alcohol- and drug-free zone.

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