Friday night


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Our dance is a free form of dance that anyone can do; no prior knowledge is needed, there are no steps to learn and nothing to get right.

We are a friendly group of people who love to welcome new dancers into our community.

We dance most Friday evenings of the year – come along and discover your own unique dance.

9.jpgSt Philip’s Church Centre
185 Mill Road
Cambridge CB1 3AN (map)
7pm – 9pm
(doors open 6:45; no entry after 7:15; parking is available, but allow time to find places)

Prices: £12; £10 low income; £6 students/benefits

(Sometimes we dance at St Paul’s Primary SchoolCoronation Street, Cambridge CB2 1HJ [map])

2.jpgNo booking is required – turn up and dance!

Bring water to drink; wear something loose and comfortable – layers are best. We dance in bare feet or wearing light soled shoes.

A chance to move your body and welcome the weekend!

Friday night schedule

October 2019 – June 2020 schedule:

4 Oct: Angela Griffiths (5 Rhythms) !! At St. Paul’s School !!

11 Oct: Jason Rowe (5 Rhythms)

18 Oct: Alex Svoboda (freedomDANCE)

25 Oct: Ajay Rajani (5 Rhythms) !! At St. Paul’s School !!

1 Nov: Louise de Caux (Simply Dancing) Jason Rowe (5 Rhythms)

8 Nov: Ruth Hirst (5 Rhythms)

15 Nov: Ruth Hirst (5 Rhythms) !! At St. Paul’s School !!

22 Nov: Nicky Smith (Ecstatic Awakening Dance) !! At St. Paul’s School !!

29 Nov: Di Hinds (Open Floor)

6 Dec: Angela Griffiths (5 Rhythms) !! At St. Paul’s School !!

13 Dec: Adam Barley (ZeroOne)

20 Dec: Louise de Caux (Simply Dancing)

27 Dec: Alex Svoboda (freedomDANCE)

3 Jan: Ruth Hirst (5 Rhythms)

10 Jan: Adam Barley (ZeroOne)

17 Jan: Alex Svoboda (freedomDANCE)

24 Jan: Nicky Smith (Ecstatic Awakening Dance)

31 Jan: Jason Rowe (5 Rhythms)

7 Feb: Angela Griffiths (5 Rhythms)

14 Feb: Ajay Rajani (5 Rhythms)

21 Feb: David Ellis [TBC]

28 Feb: Di Hinds (Open Floor)

6 Mar: Ruth Hirst (5 Rhythms)

13 Mar: Nicky Smith (Ecstatic Awakening Dance)

20 Mar: Jason Rowe (5 Rhythms)

27 Mar: Angela Griffiths (5 Rhythms)

2 Apr: Alex Svoboda (freedomDANCE)

10 Apr: Di Hinds (Open Floor)

17 Apr: Ajay Rajani (5 Rhythms)

24 Apr: Alex Svoboda (freedomDANCE)

1 May: Jason Rowe (5 Rhythms)

8 May: Ajay Rajani (5 Rhythms)

15 May: Nicky Smith (Ecstatic Awakening Dance)

22 May: Alex Svoboda (freedomDANCE)

29 May: Di Hinds (Open Floor)

5 Jun: Jason Rowe (5 Rhythms)

12 Jun: Angela Griffiths (5 Rhythms)

19 Jun: Ajay Rajani (5 Rhythms)

26 Jun: Ruth Hirst (5 Rhythms)

Some of us like to socialise in a pub or coffee bar after the class; come and join us if you like!

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