Crewing Notes

These notes are an ‘aide-memoire’ – if they don‘t make sense, please ask for some training!

Attendee List for Online Bookings

Crew can either print the attendee list in advance, or failing that check it online at the venue.

Sign in at with e-mail ‘’ (password is (will be?) on the WhatsApp Cambsdance Crew group info).

From the ☰ menu, select ‘Scheduling’, and select ‘View attendees’.

Hills Road Venue Setup

The caretakers have bags with the lights, 4-gang extensions, water jugs, and the sound system music cable & mic in their caretakers‘ cupboard. They normally leave them out on the table before 6:00.

Sound system

There is a mobile lectern which works well for teachers to set their computers up on to plug in to the sound system.

Most teachers have sound equipment which accepts a pair of RCA phono connectors (e.g. Traktor Z1). Use the RCA — ¼”-jack cable from the Cambsdance equipment, plugging the RCA phono connectors into the Z1, and the ¼”-jack plugs into Channel 8 of the college mixer.

If the teacher has sound equipment which accepts a 3.5mm stereo jack plug, there is one permanently connected to Channel 7.

If the teacher is using Cambsdance‘s microphone, plug it into the balanced XLR socket of any available channel (e.g. Channel 1). Otherwise, they should know how to connect their microphone to the mixer.

For each channel in use:

  • set the ‘gain’ (topmost knob) to a level where the ‘clip’ light is just starting to flicker at top volume
  • set the ‘equalisation’ knobs to 0 (12-o’clock)
  • set the ‘pan’ knobs to ‘C’ (12-o’clock)
  • set the individual channel volume sliders 0dB (and unused channel sliders to −∞)
  • set the master ‘left’ and ‘right’ volume sliders to 0dB

Adjust EQ and volumes as necessary.


There are sockets in each of the 4 corners of the hall; plug 4-gang extensions into each of them, and then distribute up-lighters & fairy lights at will!


Going from the performance hall out to Purbeck Road there is a building on the left with a water fountain just inside on the left, which can be used to fill water jugs.

Hopefully people will bring their own bottles, and can refill those from the water jugs, but there are also some paper cups (and sharpies to mark them) for anyone who hasn’t got a bottle.

Welcoming dancers

This is now easier since dancers now pre-pay rather than paying at the door, but harder since there are multiple entrances; welcome everyone, and especially anyone new – and try to check all dancers are actually on the attendee list!

Packing up

The caretakers like to be gone by 9:00 – they’ve been wonderful to us, make it easy for them to get home!

Leave everything as you found it, and leave the equipment bags on the table for the caretakers to put back in their cupboard.